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Solution How Belicase Limited help retail owners build suitable mall kiosk?

How Belicase Limited help retail owners build suitable mall kiosk?

Retail owners build suitable mall kiosk

A mall kiosk is perfect for people to start small business. Starting an independent shop in a high traffic street can cost more than $100,000, but a mall kiosk may just cost you a quarter of that. Belicase Limited has built hundreds of mall kioks for retailers all over the world to start or expand their businesses.

Advantages of a mall kiosk business:

Much lower cost to start a business than opening a store.
Less funds for inventory and easier to manage inventory.
It's hard to miss a kiosk as it's in the walkway with a lot of walk-by traffic.
You can easily move to a different mall or location.

jewelry kiosk

Some ideas of the latest mall kiosk business:

Jewelry Series

Jewelry items and earrings are popular and fashionable.You can sell these you make yourself or source from other manufacturers.

Electronics Series

You can sell a wide variety of electronic devices,such as laptops,cellphones and tablets.And also offte accessories like phone chargers, cases and other little items to appeal to phones. Or you could offer repairing service on cracked screens or water damage.

Cosmetics Series

Cosmetics attract many impulse buyers.It's a great idea to mall kiosk business idea.You can sell cosmetics items,perfumes or provide makeup services.

Accessory Series

There are some pretty popular small accessories with impulse buyers.Consider selling suglasses,watches,hair products,etc.

Gift Series

Flowers or toys are perfect gifts.You can set up a kiosk selling fresh flowers or differnt toys and games for kids.

Fashion Series

Your kiosk can stand out in a mall if you focus on vintage garments,particular styles of shoes or hats.

Foods Series

People often get hungry when they shop around in a mall. You can sell snack foods,candy,coffee,juice,etc.

These are some tips to start a mall kiosk business. You may have your own ideas on more products to sell.

At Belicase Limited,we can help you build a perfect kiosk with display areas and storages.After discussion on basic ideas and design concepts. our design team will start with floor plan,then go to 3D design process, finally do engineer drawings for production. Next stage is to start fabrication,it will take around 20 days. We will send you clear photos or videos after we finish installation in our factory. Then we will pack them into wooden crates and book the shipping. Finally you just need to wait for your perfect kiosk and start the business.


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