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Solution How Belicase Limited help museum institutions protect collections?

How Belicase Limited help museum institutions protect collections?

Museum institutions protect collections

Museum is an organization that collects. and protect the materials that can most effectively explain natural phenomena and human life. and uses them to enhance people's knowledge, and enlightenment education.

The functions of modern museums include collection, preservation, repair, research, exhibition, education and entertainment.

The part of the museum's security system is anti-theft. However,the design of some museums is too simple.  only a few monitoring points are set in a few locations.  because the security system is lack of defend for a long time.  and the functions of the security system are easy to break. which makes the security work of the museum have great hidden dangers.

museum case


So about this problem, the system status information can display on the connection diagram.

and physical location diagram of all equipment. including card reader and alarm point failure.

access control and alarm controller failure, camera status, disk storage status, network status, line failure, etc.

The introduction of advanced technology and applications, and effective linkage with public security. fire protection and other systems. Provide help for the integrated and intelligent management of museum security.

Belicase Limited has worked with some organizations at home and abroad. Build safe glass museum showcases to protect collections.


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