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Solution How Belicase Limited help decorate your retail shop?

How Belicase Limited help decorate your retail shop?

 Decorate your retail shop

Several studies suggest that in-store purchases aren't a thing of the past, and online and  retail shop can coexist. Consumers still like shopping in stores for certain product categories and occasions.

If you have decided to start a retail shop business, good news is that you are in a profitable trade. It's important to plan for the event. Belicase Limited have a team of professional designers and skilled workers.  We're able to offer you one stop shop decoration solution. After discuss details and ideas of design concept, our design team will make plan layout , 3D designs and engineer drawings.

We finish all the shop displays in our factory. you just need to put them in the shop and start your business.

Retail shop design is a complex thing, involving the comprehensive application of knowledge of aesthetics, psychology, optics, acoustics and other disciplines. Shop design mainly includes the overall planning of the store, facade design, store environment design, store layout design and commodity display design.

Shop design plays a very important role in beautifying the environment, establishing the store image and attracting customers' attention. It is a major event that the owner must strive to do well when opening a new store.

Shop design consists of shopfront design,signboard design,window design,shop aisle design,displays design,lighting atmosphere.

retail shop showcase

Shopfront Design

Shopfront can reflect the grade of the goods it sells to a certain extent. The shopfront design of large shopping centers is generally good at grandeur, while small specialty stores win with delicacy. If you have a nice shopfront, it can attract consumers' desire to browse in the store.

Signboard Design

Creative shop signboard can make the shop more eye-catching and convey the business philosophy to customers. The golden arc brand of McDonald's fast food restaurant has been recognized by consumers all over the world.

Window Design

Window display can mobilize consumers' visual nerves to the greatest extent, it can achieve the purpose of inducing and guiding consumers to buy.  As someone said, "if you let the customer's eyes stay in the store window for five more seconds, you will get twice the transaction opportunity than the competitive brand". Reasonable window design can make people have a glimpse and want to see the whole shop.

Shop Aisle Design

The aisle is the action route to guide customers' shopping, and its design directly affects the quantity of commodity display and the utilization effect of shop area.

It is the key to shop marketing that can display goods comprehensively. and effectively and prolong the stay time of customers in the store.

Generally, the width of the main aisle shall not be less than 120cm. and the width of the secondary aisle shall not be less than 80cm.

Displays Design

The displays design should give people a clean feeling, and showcases design should be unified.  It is best not to have showcases of multiple specifications and colors in a store,  otherwise it will give customers a feeling of disorder. Nice and clean showcases naturally form the feeling of buying.

Lighting Atmosphere

Some lights in shops can enhance the color and texture of goods. The appropriate light beam can also increase the spatial sense of the background of the goods. Appropriate lighting atmosphere shall be in combination with brand image and product characteristics.

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